Motherhood can feel lonely and overwhelming.

Intimacy can tank and be hard to reclaim.

At RelationshipAlkemy, we know that you want and deserve to thrive in your intimate life.

Maybe you have a great relationship. But after a few years of committed relationship and a kid or two, intimacy can take a back seat, and it can feel impossible to reclaim it.

Between kids, work, and household duties, feeling sexy isn't exactly top of mind. And when you do get a little bit of private time, maybe you feel rushed, stuck in your mind, and you have a hard time staying in the mood.

Or maybe you're separated with the father of your kids, but you haven't given up on yourself and on your dream to attract the right partner. And this time you feel wiser and you're committed to do what it takes to make it work.

Maybe your shadow and self-sabotaging beliefs are holding you back and you're ready to heal and reclaim your full power and potential.

We spent the last 24 years sifting through the modalities that work and those that don't, and we've developed a unique and holistic approach to intimacy.

1. Mastering Conscious Communication to foster deep Emotional Intimacy.

2. Inner child healing work to dissolve trauma and self-sabotaging patterns.

3. Shakti Awakening to dissolve numbness and unlock your full potential for mind-blowing ecstatic pleasure.

Here's what to do next.

Book a 15 min call with us so we can understand where you're at and what you want to transform in your life.

At the end of that call, we may direct you to additional ressources, or we may book a 45 min strategy session to develop a customized plan for you.

And we'll tell you about our programs, only if you ask us to.

Finally, watch your life transform and blossom.

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